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RK1337 ELECTRONIC LEAK DETECTOR KIT N2/H2 R134a-R410a-R407c-R1234yf




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It is a kit that allows you to check for leaks of less than 5ppm (2gr/year) in the systems
of Refrigeration or Conditioning under pressure with a mixture of Nitrogen/Hydrogen gas (N2H2)
through the use of a specific Electronic Leak Detector.
The Electronic Leak Detector is also able to detect R134a – R410a – R407c – R1234yf R32 – R404 – R502 – R600 – R290 Refrigerant Gases.

Kit composition:
• Gas pressure reducer (0-60 Bar) compliant with EN ISO 2503 186588 standards.
• 2 MT connection hose compliant with SAE J2196 SAE J2888 standards with final ball valve and
¼ SAE swivel connection.
• 25cm hose meeting SAE J2196 SAE J2888 con
sector ball valve and pressure gauge (Class 1.0) with R134a – R1234yf – R32 refrigerant gas scales
– R410a – R404a – R407c – R422 – R507 – R22 and nitrogen/hydrogen mixture (N2H2).
• Low pressure side quick coupling for vehicle A/C systems with R134a refrigerant gas.
• High pressure side quick coupling for vehicle A/C systems with R1234yf refrigerant gas.
• 950cc – 110 Bar disposable N2H2 cylinder.
• Brass adapter for disposable bottle (M10x1 – W21.80 RHE).
• Electronic leak detector.
• Plastic case for storage and transport (44.7 x 41.2 x 10.7 cm).

Technical features
Electronic leak detector: • Heated semiconductor sensor. • 40 stainless steel flexible probe
cm. • Operating temperature from 0 to 40 °C. • 3 sensitivity levels. • Bearing indicator
losses with 7 LED tricolor visual scale. • Detectable refrigerant gases: R134a – R1234yf – R410a
– R404a R407c – R32 – R502 – R600 – R290. • Complies with SAE J1627 CE regulations. •
Power supply: 2 size C alkaline batteries. • Battery charger 3.3 V / 0.5 A.


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