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REFRIGERANTIONLINE.IT reseller duly registered in the F-GAS database and attentive to sales communication on the same, offers an immediate and efficient sales and assistance service to maintenance technicians and installers of air conditioning and refrigeration, in all the main production sectors and the advanced tertiary sector offering different types of gas. The portal is exclusively reserved for operators in the sector. We are particularly attentive to the environment, guaranteeing compliance with current regulations on waste disposal.

We define ourselves as true "fans" of precision and correctness, we try to use above all NEW cylinders and obviously only and exclusively T-PED containers under testing so as to offer an excellent product without any risk of contamination. Each single filled cylinder is tested and verified so as not to incur in weight losses, our customers are very satisfied with this, as they can allow us to fill the same cylinder again saving on its cost and having the certainty of always using the proprietary bottle.

We are very attentive to the law and we fight every day against the illegality that puts our sector at risk as well as the safety of each individual operator. A single motto: Quality - Value - Convenience.


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