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R1234ze Solstice® HFO in 13 Kg cylinder




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Solstice ® HFO 1234ze: the ideal low greenhouse effect refrigerant for chillers

Solstice ® HFO 1234ze was developed in the Research Center of Buffalo (USA) by Honeywell Fluorochemicals with the aim of replacing R-134a with a low greenhouse effect refrigerant - LGWP (Low Global Warming Potential); in fact, its GWP is equal to 1 kg of CO 2 .
In ambient conditions its atmospheric life is equal to only 18 days, much less than the 13 years of R-134a; Furthermore , its thermodynamic characteristics make Solstice ® HFO 1234ze an excellent solution for replacing R-134a, as it has similar and even higher energy efficiency than R-134a.
The operating pressures of Solstice ® HFO 1234ze are slightly lower than those of R-134a, while its critical temperature is higher, and it is, therefore, possible to work at higher condensing temperatures, maintaining good thermodynamic efficiency.
Solstice ® HFO 1234ze is used in air conditioning chillers, refrigeration chillers, refrigeration with hermetic compressors , vending machines, cabinets and cold rooms.
  • Solstice ® HFO 1234ze is a non-flammable gas; according to the ASHRAE 34 ISO817 Standards, its classification is A2L, therefore it can be used with the same production and maintenance methods as R-134a.
  • Low Greenhouse Effect: LGWP= 1 kg CO 2
  • Lifetime = 18 days.
  • Performance and energy efficiency similar to R-134a
  • Critical temperature higher than R-134a (110°C against 101°C for R-134a)
Recommended Lubricants:
Solstice ® HFO 1234ze is miscible with both POE and PAG oils.
The tests carried out at 200°C with 1000 ppm did not produce decomposition of the molecules after 2 weeks.


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