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R455A Solstice® L40X in 11 Kg cylinder


R455A Solstice®


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Solstice ® L40X (R-455A) - The very low GWP alternative to R-404A/R-507 for plug-in systems

Solstice ® L40X (R-455A) is a mildly flammable azeotropic blend designed as an alternative for low, medium and high temperature applications in new systems.

Its ultra-low GWP of just 145 (less than 150) makes it an F-Gas-ready solution. In addition, it boasts nearly the capacity of R-404A, an extended operating range when compared to propane or air conditioning refrigerants, and high energy efficiency.


Solstice L40X (R-455A) is an excellent refrigerant option for low temperature commercial refrigeration applications, such as plug-in units, refrigeration packages, foodservice, water loop systems and the like.

Very low GWP, extended operating range, high efficiency, high critical temperature and low critical pressure make it potentially ideal for other applications such as supermarkets, chillers, heat pumps, refrigerated transport, etc.

Material Compatibility:

Honeywell does not recommend the use of conventional chlorinated solvents to clean refrigeration systems or components.

For cleaning the refrigerant circuits, Honeywell recommends the use of the new Solstice® PF-C solvent.


Desiccants compatible with Solstice L40X are commercially available. For specific recommendations, you should contact the manufacturers of these desiccants.


For the use of Solstice L40X, POE (polyolester) oil is recommended. Compressor manufacturers generally specify specific lubricants to use with their products. Users should consult the equipment manufacturer for recommended lubricants for their specific system.

Plastics and elastomers:

Solstice L40X is compatible with most common materials. Since there are many different grades and formulations of these materials, we recommend that compatibility tests be performed on the specific grade of materials considered and conditions of use when designing new systems. Customers are advised to consult the manufacturer or conduct additional independent testing.


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