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R437A Freon™ MO49 Plus in 12 Kg cylinder



R437A Freon™


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The refrigerant for converting systems to R-12

R-437A, also known by the commercial brand Freon™ (Isceon) MO 49 Plus, was born as a refrigerant suitable for converting systems operating with R-12.

It is used in air conditioning in motor vehicles, and in fixed industrial and commercial refrigeration systems; it is also used to replace refrigerant blends that contain HCFCs in refrigeration systems.

R-437A is not recommended for use in refrigeration systems with flooded liquid separators or evaporators, and in centrifugal compressor systems.


R-437A is applied in refrigeration systems designed for R-12, including :

  • automotive air conditioning systems
  • catering facilities
  • refrigerated display units for supermarkets
  • domestic refrigerators and freezers


R-437A is a non- ozone depleting refrigerant, allowing you to use existing systems.

R-437A has a cooling capacity 10% higher than that of R-12, and a lower discharge temperature

Recommended Lubricants:

In automotive air conditioning systems, R-437A is compatible with mineral oil.

As regards fixed R-12 refrigeration and air conditioning systems , R-437A is compatible with traditional and newly formulated lubricants ; n most cases it is not necessary to change the type of lubricant during the retrofit.


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