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Fieldpiece USA - VP67 INT - vacuum pump 170 litres/minute (10.2 m3/hour), high quality, high performance


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New vacuum pumps with RunQuick™ oil change system - also suitable for A2L refrigerant gases (e.g. R32).

Oil change within seconds with the pump running!

Flow rate: 170 litres/minute (10.2 m3/hour)

4 connections: n° 1 of ¼" (8 mm), n° 2 of 3/8'' (10 mm), n° 1 of 1/2'' (15 mm)

NOTE: the pump can be equipped with a professional solenoid valve kit (made in Italy) with ⅜" SAE connection for connection to the pump and ⅜" SAE connection for connection to the vacuum piping (a ½ SAE male outlet fitting is also included for connection to the specific tubing for TruBlu vacuum )


With the new vacuum pumps equipped with the RunQuick™ oil change system, Fieldpiece offers a state-of-the-art solution for proper evacuation of systems.

Model VP67 with a 170 liter/minute (6 CFM) motor, this revolutionary pump makes evacuating easier and faster.

Through the special large opening in the oil tank, you can clearly see the condition of the oil and the system; when you need to change the oil, you can do it quickly, easily and cleanly. With the RunQuick oil change system it is in fact possible to change the oil in less than 20 seconds, even when the pump is running, without losing vacuum.

The very wide base also prevents the pump from tipping over and oil from escaping. Four in-line connections make it possible to arrange pipes of three different sizes in an orderly manner.

The power cord can be stored on the handle for storage without tangling.

Ballast valve (gas ballast):

The FieldPiece vacuum pump is equipped with a "gas ballast" system. When pumping atmospheric air (or gas) into a vacuum pump, however "pure" it may appear it will invariably contain vapour. During the compression process in the pump, this vapor inevitably condenses.

Failure to remove it will form a contaminant which will prevent the pump from achieving its optimum vacuum pressure. The "gas ballast" valve incorporated in the FieldPiece vacuum pumps allows the air to flow out in the final part of the compression cycle and therefore allows the steam to be expelled without generating condensate or without affecting the overall performance of the pump.

The vacuum pump is equipped with a (non-mechanical) valve which opens at atmospheric pressure when the machine stops running, to ensure that oil flow to the system is prevented.

Fieldpiece vacuum pumps are in fact equipped with a non-mechanical "anti-oil suck back" system which, when the power supply to the pump itself is interrupted, ensures that the oil in the vacuum pump does not migrate into the system or into the pipes. This is in fact an inconvenience that can be very harmful to the correct functioning of the R&AC system and require a lot of time to restore the system itself. This important result is achieved thanks to the adoption of a purge valve (vent) which is perfectly sealed (closed ) when the Fieldpiece pump is running, then progressively opening to atmospheric pressure when the machine loses power or is intentionally shut down.

Technical features:

  • Oil change within seconds with pump running
  • Manifold with four ports in line for easy access
  • Backlit oil tank to monitor oil and system condition
  • Oil non-return device to prevent oil from coming into contact with the pressure gauges and the system
  • Easy to use ballast valve with LED indicator
  • Waterproof to withstand direct rain
  • Final vacuum degree 2 Pa
  • Sturdy base to keep pump upright

Technical specifications:

  • Flow rate 170 litres/minute (10.2 m3/hour - 6 CFM)
  • Degree of vacuum: 2 x10(-2) mbar - 0.02 mbar/2 Pa/15 micron
  • Oil capacity 237 ml (8 oz)
  • Compatible oil: Fieldpiece vacuum pump oil (highly refined and optimized for proper sealing and lubrication)
  • Oil backlight: blue LED
  • Oil drain: ball valve
  • Connection dimensions: n° 1 of ¼" (8 mm), n° 2 of 3/8'' (10 mm), n° 1 of 1/2'' (15 mm)
  • Compressor: rotary vane, two-stage
  • 1/2 HP motor, 3440 RPM
  • Power Supply: 190 to 260 Vac @ 50/60Hz
  • Rated current consumption 5.0 A approx
  • Final vacuum degree at the suction connections: 0.02 mbar/2 Pa/ 15 micron
  • Dimensions 201mm x 296mm x 406mm
  • Weight 13.2 kg without oil
  • Operating Environment -1.1°C to 50°C (30°F to 122°F)
  • Patent pending


The vacuum pump is accompanied by a certificate issued by the manufacturer, which shows the serial number (from which the production date can be obtained).

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