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B-BRAZE KIT 1 UN3537 2.2F




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B-BRAZE Kit 1 is a professional set to be used in the construction and maintenance of new systems in the HVAC&R - Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Thermohydraulics sector.

The kit consists of a case containing:

  • N° 2 BM.AP cylinders - 1 lt./420 gr. each
  • N° 1 B-TORCH - Torch complete with lance with SUPER CYCLON FLAME nozzle
  • N° 1 Lance complete with FINE FLAME nozzle
  • N° 1 Lance complete with MEDIUM CYCLON FLAME nozzle
  • No. 1 B-ADAPTOR - USA-EU adapter
  • #1 Flexible
  • No. 1 cylinder holder hook

BM.AP is a special gas mixture with a high calorific value and is suitable for welding and brazing work. The flame temperature can reach up to 3,100°C and is 35% faster than propane gas. The BM.AP cylinder is made of steel (built in accordance with the EN 12205 standard); its capacity is equal to 1 liter and contains 420 grams of product - USA CGA 600 valve.

B-TORCH is a high performance brazing torch with piezoelectric ignition; it is used for all professional brazing applications. It can be used with any flammable gas mixture - torch/CGA600 cylinder connection - flame intensity regulator - flame lock button. Including N° 1 lance with SUPER CYCLON FLAME nozzle

B-Adaptor - Adapter for B-Torch for cylinder use with EU 7/16” thread


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