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GAS R290 430G


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The Refrigerant Fluid Used on "Plug-In" Systems for Commercial Refrigeration

Kryon ® 290 (propane for refrigeration use) is a HC hydrocarbon belonging to the linear saturated alkane series; Hydrocarbons are refrigerants composed exclusively of carbon and hydrogen atoms. These compounds are already naturally present in the atmosphere and therefore do not represent a risk from an environmental point of view (greenhouse effect and ozone damage).

Kryon ® 290, like all hydrocarbons, is a highly flammable gas (class A3), and the relative implications in terms of safety must therefore be duly considered during storage, transport and handling; the propane charge in "plug-in" type refrigeration systems (e.g. refrigerated counters and refrigerated display cases) is in fact limited to a maximum of 150 grams.

Gas requires the use of mineral-type oils in the compressors of the refrigeration units, which avoids the humidity problems associated with the use of synthetic lubricants.


Kryon ® 290 is mainly used in commercial refrigeration, on positive temperature systems: counters and cold rooms, ice production machines, vending machines. It is also used in some industrial plants at negative temperatures.


  • The absence of substances potentially harmful to the ozone layer and the extremely reduced greenhouse effect has allowed the progressive affirmation of Kryon ® 290 as a working fluid in refrigeration systems with reduced charges
  • Refrigeration systems with high gas loads can only be created by providing for a confined refrigeration plant and the use of a heat transfer fluid

Recommended Lubricants:

Kryon ® 290 requires the use of mineral oils, which avoids the problems of humidity associated with the use of synthetic lubricants.

KryoSmart ® – Cylinders filled with refrigerant gas in limited quantities

In the plumbing and heating sector, it is very practical to use cylinder formats of limited capacity, to refill the connection pipes or the air conditioners themselves; the advantage is that of being able to market a cylinder which has a very limited commercial value, and therefore is easier to sell.

Our KryoSmart ® cylinders are available in 1 Liter (in packs of 12) and 2.5 Liter (in packs of 6) formats. KryoSmart ® Cylinders are made of low-alloy carbon steel and have operating pressures of 48 bar.

KryoSmart ® Cylinders are filled using a General Gas patented methodology called "High purity System"; with this methodology it is possible to obtain quality standards in line with what is required by the major producers of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and plants.

This technique makes it possible to obtain a gas humidity lower than the maximum limit, equal to 10 ppm.

Therefore these types of cylinders, which contain from 800 grams to 2 kilos, are the most suitable to meet the needs of the thermo-hydraulic market.


KryoSmart ® Cylinders are used in all cases where a limited quantity of refrigerant is required.

The market in which they are most widely used is the thermo-hydraulic sector.


  • KryoSmart ® Cylinders are made of low-alloy carbon steel, and have a maximum operating pressure of 48 bar.
  • A "Low Cost" and "Environmentally Friendly" solution.
  • Patented “High Purity System” filling system.
  • Gas purchase costs decrease.


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