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R407F Performax™ LT in 11 Kg cylinder




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The refrigerant with a high energy efficiency index

Honeywell Performax™ LT (R407F) is an easy to use, non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerant designed to replace R404A, R-22, R-502 and refrigerant blends containing HCFCs (e.g. HP80 , R-408A) in commercial and industrial direct expansion refrigeration systems , at medium and low temperatures.

Honeywell Performax™ LT (R407F) , due to its thermodynamic characteristics, lends itself to retrofit operations of systems running on R-404A/R-507 , in cases where you want to:

  • decrease the electric absorption of about 10-12%;
  • reduce the GWP of the refrigerant used, going from 3,900 kg CO 2 /kg refrigerant to 1,824 kg CO 2 /kg refrigerant

Furthermore, Honeywell Performax™ LT (R407F) is an option for converting refrigeration systems to R-22 that is decidedly simpler than R-404A or R-507, having cooling capacity, compressor absorbed power, exchanged power at the condenser, thermostatic valve flow rates and compressor discharge temperatures much more similar to R-22. Before retrofitting, it is essential to verify that the system can operate at the higher pressures, compared to the R-22 gas, which are generated with the new fluid. Furthermore, it is advisable to change gaskets and o-rings, and it is necessary to carry out at least one change of lubricant, using POE oil. The recommended gas charge is approximately 94% of the R-22 by weight. The Performax™ LT is well suited to R-22 expansion valves, which, only in some cases, need to be adjusted.


Honeywell Performax™ LT (R407F) is applied in commercial and industrial direct expansion refrigeration, medium and low temperature, including supermarkets, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, cold rooms.


  • Performax™ LT (R407F) it constitutes a simpler conversion option compared to R-404A or R-507, having cooling capacity , power absorbed by the compressor, power exchanged at the condenser and flow rates of the thermostatic valve similar to those of R-22
  • Performax™ LT is more energy efficient than alternative blends
  • its flow temperature is decidedly lower than that of R-22

Recommended Lubricants:

Honeywell Performax™ LT (R407F) requires polyol ester as a lubricating oil; In some cases, when the circuit is compact, the gaseous and liquid phase flow rates are correct and there is a filter downstream of the compressor that uses coalescence technology . Performax™ LT can also work with alkylbenzene oil; the use of this oil has the advantage of not requiring the replacement of the gaskets in most cases.

Main features:

  • HFC ternary blend (ODP=0).
  • Cooling capacity similar to R-22 (in low temperature).
  • GWP (1.824) significantly lower than other low temperature refrigerants (e.g. R-404A, R-507)
  • ASHRAE Safety Rating = A1 (non-toxic and non-flammable).


Honeywell Performax™ LT (R407F) it has a GWP value (1.824) more than 50% lower than that of R-404A and R-507; therefore it will also be usable after the entry into force of the restrictions on the use of high GWP refrigerants (greater than 2,500) envisaged by the new European F-Gas regulation n° 517/2014.


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