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ERRECOM Vacuum Pump Oils are blends of mineral oils carefully selected from among the most refined, low voltage ones

steam and with a narrow distillation range, to ensure the best performance in terms of pump lubrication a

empty, including rotary ones.

The peculiar characteristics of Errecom mineral lubricants for vacuum pumps are:

■ high thermal stability: allows use in closed systems

also operating at high temperatures and high pressures

without giving rise to the formation of deposits and sludge;

■ high oxidative stability: allows for extensions of

charge in operation, thus removing the possibility of premature

stickiness of the product;

■ high hydrolytic stability: protects the oil in operation from

decomposition processes in the presence of even small ones

percentages of water;

■ good demulsibility: it favors a rapid separation of the oil

from the water that may have entered the system, inhibiting

further the oxidation process;

■ superior filterability even in the presence of water (compared to

previous generation lubricants): prevents clogging of the

filters and extends the normal replacement intervals of the filters themselves;

■ anti-corrosion and anti-rust power: protects all

metal components of the hydraulic system;

■ antifoam properties: prevents the formation/presence of

foam and therefore of air which would reduce the efficiency of the system

due to the cubic compressibility coefficient different from

that of the oil.


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