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ELECTRONIC LEAK DETECTOR is a specially designed electronic device

to detect a mixture of hydrogen (H2) at 5% + nitrogen (N2) at 95%. And then

able to detect also R134a - R410a - R407c - R1234yf - R32 refrigerant gases

- R404a - R502 - R600 - R290. The leak detector is equipped with a heated sensor and

microprocessor that guarantee a realistic and very precise signal. Thanks to

intensity adjustment and the presence of 7 LEDs with visual colored scale function

can guarantee the detection of leaks lower than 5ppm (2 gr/year).

Technical features:

■ Heated semiconductor sensor.

■ 40cm stainless steel flexible probe.

■ Operating temperature from 0 to 40°C.

■ 3 sensitivity levels.

■ Leak detection indicator with 7 LED tri-color visual scale.

■ Detectable refrigerant gases:

R134a - R1234yf - R410a - R404a - R407c - R32 - R502 - R600 - R290.

■ Complies with SAE J1627 CE regulations.

■ Power supply: 2 size C alkaline batteries.

■ 3.3V / 0.5A power supply.

■ Plastic case for storage and transport (22.2 x 6.6 x 5.1 cm).

■ Weight: 418 g (battery included).


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