R-407H is a blend composed of HFC R32, HFC R125 and HFC R134a.

In terms of capacity and efficiency it is similar, and can therefore represent a possible alternative, to the old HCFC R-22 refrigerant, although it is not a direct "drop-in" type retrofit product.

It is not an ozone-depleting gas and has a lower GWP than R404A.

Being a zeotropic mixture it should be noted that in the vapor phase the original composition of the mixture is altered, with possible consequences on the plant; it is therefore necessary to load the mixture exclusively in the liquid phase.

Main features:

  • HFC ternary blend (ODP=0)
  • GWP (1.495) lower than other low temperature refrigerants (e.g. R-404A, R-507)

Safety classification A1 (non-toxic and non-flammable).


  • Medium and low temperature commercial and industrial direct expansion refrigeration
  • Supermarkets
  • Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Refrigeration cells


When R407H is used in the conversion of systems operating on R-22, some modifications will have to be made to the systems themselves, such as changing the lubricant.

Mineral oils and alkylbenzene lubricants are immiscible with R407H; therefore, they will have to be replaced with other lubricants (e.g. POE); however, consult the system manufacturer for the necessary recommendations in this regard.