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R452B in 10 Kg cylinder



R452B in 10 Kg


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452B (Honeywell Solstice ® L41y) is a non-ozone depleting, zeotropic blend developed as a low GWP alternative to R-410A in air conditioning and heating applications, in heat pump mode, in displacement systems.

A key feature of 452B is a 67% reduction in GWP, with efficiency and capacity nearly equal to R-410A, which helps further reduce A/C system redesign and investment costs.

The compatibility, in terms of design, of systems operating with 452B, in relation to traditional R410A systems, allows manufacturers (OEMs) to easily switch from R-410A to an alternative characterized by a lower GWP.

The compressor discharge temperature of 452B is significantly lower than that of R-32, and very similar to that of R-410A; thanks to this feature it is potentially avoidable the use of modifications to the design of the system, such as to reduce its value.

452B has a lower mass flow rate than R-410A, which results in a lower pressure drop and eliminates the potential increase in heat exchanger design cost.


Kryon ® 452B is the optimized replacement for R-410A that provides the best energy performance and lowest flammability characteristics among A2L refrigerants.

Even though R-32 and Kryon ® 452B are classified as “slightly flammable” (A2L), the less flammable characteristics of Kryon ® 452B become important in the product selection process for large and heavily loaded equipment. refrigerant gas (such as roof-top units, VRF systems, etc.).

Due to its higher critical temperature (77.1°C) and wider operating range at low evaporating temperatures, Kryon ® 452B far outperforms other alternatives, such as R-32 in heating mode and critical ambient conditions , in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Direct Expansion Chillers (DX)
  • High pressure heat pumps (using a minor air source or geothermal system)
  • Split air conditioning unit
  • Rooftop units, VRF etc.

Main benefits of Kryon ® 452B

  • GWP of 698 (IPCC 4), 67% reduction compared to R-410A
  • More like R-410A with minimal design changes to the system
  • Reproduces the performance of R-410A in terms of heating/cooling
  • Capacity and volumetric displacement similar to R-410A
  • Discharge temperature similar to R-410A
  • Lower mass flow rate than R-410A
  • The higher critical temperature ensures excellent performance in higher ambient conditions


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