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EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM is a foamy sanitizer that purifies the air distribution duct of the air conditioner, incorporating and expelling all the contaminating particles that can affect the quality of the air itself. Its foam which increases in volume once inserted into the unit to be treated, left to act for 5 minutes, reaches and also incorporates the contaminating particles deposited in the most difficult points of the air conditioner. Its long cannula allows you to reach deep into the system ensuring the best distribution of the product.

EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM removes dust, dirt, germs, allergens and microorganisms that cause bad odors and allergic reactions. Eliminates bad odors and leaves a pleasant clean scent.

For an even more profound action, we recommend the subsequent use of EVAPORATOR CLEANER, a liquid sanitizing cleaner in an aerosol can which, in addition to reinforcing the sanitizing action, will facilitate the outflow of the foam towards the condensate drain, guaranteeing perfect cleaning and reducing cleaning times. drying of the treated unit.

EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM is a product suitable for the HACCP plan, therefore it can also be used in environments with the presence of food.

It is recommended to use in combination with INTERIOR PURIFIER, a purifying treatment for interiors which, by operating outside the system, completes the purifying action of the environment.


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