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LR POE 46 5 LT


LR POE 46 5 LT


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ERRECOM's polyester-based (POE) synthetic oils for refrigeration are highly stable from a thermal, chemical

and hydrolytic. Thanks to their good miscibility, these polyester oils are perfectly suited to all refrigeration circuits in which

the refrigerants are chlorine-free, so for applications with ozone-depleting FC refrigerants, and with HFC refrigerants, such as

R134a, R404a, R507, R410a, R407c. ERRECOM POE lubricants can also be used in cooling applications/

refrigeration with hydrocarbon refrigerants such as propane (R290) or propylene (R1270). ERRECOM POE oils have already been introduced

successfully in applications using low GWP refrigerants of the HFO (Hydrogenated Fluorinated Olefin) family, e.g.

R1234yf, R1234ze. Finally, extensive tests were performed on the use of POE ERRECOM with new refrigerants designed for

replace R22, such as R422a/d and R417a.

ERRECOM POE refrigeration oils are recommended for use in hermetic, semi-hermetic and open piston compressors, as well as

for screw compressors and turbochargers (depending on viscosity). Thanks to their high viscosity indexes, ERRECOM

demonstrate excellent cold flow properties and a highly stable lubricating film under high temperature conditions

in hydrocarbon applications.

All ERRECOM POEs are therefore characterized by high stability and exceptional lubrication. POEs are hygroscopic, ie

tend to absorb water more rapidly than hydrocarbon-based non-polar refrigeration oils such as mineral oil,

alkylbenzene and PAO. Precisely for this reason all ERRECOM POEs are ultra-dried and filled in plastic bottles and drums

metals that guarantee non-mixing with atmospheric humidity.


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