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INTERIOR PURIFIER is a treatment that purifies the air inside an environment. Removes various contaminants from the air and leaves a
pleasant scent. Its continuous flow saturates the environment with product without wetting or leaving any kind of residue. The contaminants
air are captured by the molecules of INTERIOR PURIFIER and dragged to the ground without the possibility of release.
The product is available in 2 formats:

• 200 mL for rooms up to 30 sq m. / MPVs, commercial vehicles, minibuses, campers
• 400 mL for rooms up to 45 m2 / bus
and in seven pleasant fragrances: Talc, Strawberry, Peach, Mint, Lemon, Vanilla and Green Apple.

How to use: shake the can before use. Place INTERIOR PURIFIER in the center of the room or on the floor mat
passenger in a passenger car. Press the button located on top of the bottle and wait for the product to empty completely.
Wait 10 minutes before returning to the room or to the passenger compartment. Make sure there are no people and/or
pets inside the environments to be treated with INTERIOR PURIFIER. Air for 10 minutes.


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